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We offer small group pilates classes in our fully equipped studio in Leigh on Sea run by a team of expert instructors to suit everyones needs. Whether you’re looking to find a fitness class that works with your busy lifestyle, helps you to reduce back pain or recover from injury, or you want to find an alternative to the gym that balances life stresses and your health, we have a class that will suit you…

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Mat Classes

Mat based Pilates classes follow Joseph Pilates original exercise method. We guide you through a series of warm up exercises to emphasise correct breathing, focusing on precise alignment of the spine, pelvis, ribs and shoulder girdle. As the class progresses movement patterns become increasingly complex utilising all major muscle groups and planes of motion. Often small equipment (soft balls, weighted balls, stretch bands, and foam pads) are used to either stabilise or destabilise dependant on clients needs and the level of the class. As our classes are small instructors are acutely focused on individual correction and precise execution of the exercises.

Maximum for mat classes: 8 people
Duration of mat classes: 1 hour
Levels: Essential and Intermediate


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Reformer Classes

Reformer classes are taught on an apparatus called the reformer. This consists of a moving platform that produces resistance from a set of springs of varied tension attached to the fixed end of the reformer and the moving platform. The apparatus can be utilised in a multitude of ways to direct the focus to particular muscle groups via a set of pulleys, ropes, bars, the moving platform or to exercise own bodyweight. Adjusting the spring tension makes the carriage easier or harder to move, but not to be misunderstood as low spring tension often makes the exercise much harder. The reformer is unparalleled in its versatility of exercises that can be performed lying, standing, sitting, pulling, pushing, upside down, sideways and a myriad of other variations. The reformer also encourages eccentric muscle contractions which are renowned for giving us long, flexible yet strong muscle tone without bulk. 

If you have never worked on the reformer before it is essential that you attend a free 30 minute Reformer orientation session or a private one to one session before joining a class.

Maximum for reformer classes: 8 people
Duration of reformer classes: 1 hour


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Mat/Reformer Combo Classes

Best of both! Half Matwork and Half Reformer.
This is a varied workout to build strength, flexibility and stamina. Beginners can attend this class but please make sure you have attended a Reformer Orientation session first.
Maximum for combo classes: 8 people
Duration of combo classes: 1 hour

Tower Classes

The Tower class uses a variety of springs and bars which are attached to an upright cradle, this allows you to perform exercises in a variety of positions standing, laying or kneeling. As the springs are not ‘fixed’ onto bars this challenges stability, balance and core strength.
Maximum for Tower classes: 8 people
Duration of Tower classes: 1 hour

Total Barre Classes

An all body workout that is inspired by Ballet and incorporates all the principles of Pilates to increase coordination, movement quality and strength. This class not only teaches choreography but pays particular attention to exercise essence and correct alignment of movement. You will be taken through of series of workouts predominately standing at the Barre but also using the mat and other small equipment such as toning balls to target and tone legs, glutes and arms and strengthen the core. This increasingly popular exercise programme is low impact yet challenging and fun combining the grace and moves of Ballet with the precision of Pilates. No dance experience required, this class is suitable for all levels.
Maximum for Barre classes: 8 people
Duration of Barre classes: 1 hour

“I came to Pilates due to wanting to try something new. I’ve always suffered with niggling injuries and wanted to go back to basics. I was initially worried it would be too easy but I soon changed my mind. I had aches in muscles I didn’t know I had. Pilates has made a huge difference to my health and I’ve been able to go back to football after 5 years out. Glenn and Sam are really friendly and will tailor sessions to what you need. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone” LJ RANTS

Mat Pilates The Movement Base Leigh On Sea
Reformer Pilates The Movement Base Leigh On Sea
Mat/Combo The Movement Base Leigh On Sea
Tower Class the Movement Base Leigh On Sea
Total Barre Class The Movement Base Leigh On Sea

Benefits of Pilates

  • Better Posture
  • Building Core Strength and Stability
  • Improved Mobility
  • Injury Prevention
  • Relief from Stress & Back Pain
  • Improved Balance & Coordination
  • Mind-Body Awareness
  • Increased Self Confidence

Our Classes

  • Small Personalised Classes
  • A range of classes to chose from
  • Fully Equipped Studio in Leigh on Sea
  • STOTT Trained Pilates Instructors
  • Barre and Yoga classes also offered

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