Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Private sessions are taken either individually (1:1) or often people like to train together with a partner or friend (1:2). Sessions are tailored to individual needs whether you’re returning to fitness after having a baby or would like personal training for a sports event and with specific goals. We will take you through a postural analysis which will help us to evaluate posture and deliver the correct exercises to bring your physique back to correct alignment. These sessions differ from a class in that you have 100% of the instructors attention delivered at a pace suitable for you. These sessions can also be modified to suit individuals with specific needs such as injuries and special populations.

Private sessions are a wonderful way to get to grips with the basic principles of breathing, control, correct alignment and concentration.

Benefits of Private Sessions…

These sessions are completely tailored to you which allows your instructor to cater for your specific needs whether that is the time and day of the session or the imbalances in your body. Due to this individual attention these sessions will accelerate your bodies ability to connect to the pilates method resulting in faster results.

With no other clients present the session is totally yours. This gives the instructor the freedom to cater to how you and your body are feeling on that day. You may also like to focus on something particular like flexibility, strength or pace. Any of these modifications and more are possible.

Your instructor can see if you are applying the Pilates principles and engaging correctly without cheating. If you are the kind of individual who likes being held to account then this can be an added motivation to attend a private session.

Medical Conditions and Injury

Private sessions are especially advised to start with if you suffer from conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia or are recovering from an injury and have been cleared by your Physician. This will ensure you are executing the exercises with the correct technique and are given the specific modifications needed alongside your particular needs.

“The first time I saw the reformer machine I was a little nervous; a combination of the name and the unfathomable appearance of the thing. Glenn soon helped me put any worries aside and with his help I very quickly became confident. Glenn was able to identify issues with my posture and my gait and the fact that I favoured my right side – which caused problems in my left hip. Using the reformer has completely rectified this and I now know that I am much stronger than I’ve ever been. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and I have now been attending for a year. My class is made up of five or six of us, male and female, all ages and abilities. Glenn manages to tailor the exercises individually to the needs of the people in the class” Denise

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