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The Pilates Base Ltd (T/as The Movement Base)
Participant Agreement


1.1 All participants must be 18 years or over. Parent guardian must be present or sign a consent form for anyone under 18 years of age.
1.2. All services purchased from The Movement Base must be preceded by the applicant declaring any physical and/or medical limitations which may affect their ability to participate in the session/s. The participant assumes responsibility for checking their physical and/or medical limitations with their medical practitioner/s prior to participating in any of The Movement Base sessions.
1.3. The Movement Base is dedicated to providing sessions that match the considerations of the participant as much as possible within their chosen session/s. The participant accepts that while every effort will be made by The Movement Base to keep all sessions safe and effective there is a risk of injury with every physical activity. The participant acknowledges that they are taking part of their own free will, and are aware of the risks by doing so. The participant agrees that neither they, their heirs, assigns nor legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against The Movement Base for personal injury, property loss/damage or wrongful death caused by negligence or otherwise.
1.4. The Movement Base reserves the right to refuse access to any of our sessions to any participant, if in our discretion, we consider that the health of the individual concerned may be at risk by the participants chosen session/s.
1.5. The participant agrees that the chosen session/s is non-transferable and is only for use by the participant that has signed up to their personal session/s.
1.6. The participant agrees that The Movement Base, at its sole discretion may terminate this agreement and suspend or terminate a participants participation without refund of any payments if the participant becomes aggressive, disruptive, shows any sexual connotation toward an instructor/therapist or becomes difficult to work with.
1.7. The Movement Base kindly requests that mobile phones and other such devices are not used during sessions except in an emergency.
1.8. In the case of extreme weather The Movement Base may take the decision, in the interests of safety, to suspend sessions until further notice. The Movement Base will make every effort to contact participants via their preferred method as soon as possible. Any sessions missed due to such circumstances will be added to the following week/s in leu of missed session/s and individual package expiry dates will be amended accordingly. No refunds will be offered in this situation.
1.9. Personal property brought to sessions is done so at the participants own risk. The Movement Base accepts no responsibility for loss or damage sustained to such items.


2.1. The participant is responsible for full payment of fees for the selected session/s, regardless of whether you attend or complete selected session/s within the expiry date. Failure to make the agreed payments within the agreed time will result in default of the session/s. We may forward your details onto a third party to recoup the full amount due for any unpaid session/s plus any costs incurred.
2.2. All sessions are paid for in advance (unless a participant is joining on a drop in basis). Session/s times cannot be held until booked and bookings cannot be made until payment has been received.
2.3. All sessions must be paid for on a timely basis. If payment is not made on a timely basis The Movement Base reserves the right to put those sessions on hold until payment has been received.
2.4. All sessions must be completed within the specified expiry dates that are applicable to the relevant packages purchased. These are outlined in The Movement Base price structure and will be specified to the participant at the point of sale.                                                                                        2.5  All 6 month memberships are renewed automatically unless 1 months notice is given at month 5. These come with a 1 month freeze option. 


3.1.Cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours notice in advance and substitute sessions can be rescheduled (subject to availability) before the end of the expiry date of a participants individual package of session/s.
3.2. Cancellations made within 24 hours notice of the session will be forfeited. 
3.3. Cancellations can be made via The Movement Base booking site. 

Refunds are payable under the following circumstances.

3.4a. In exceptional circumstances (e.g bereaved) preventing a participant taking part or completing their session/s. The Movement Base will determine this on a case by case basis. Additional evidence may be reasonably requested.
3.4b. The participant notifies The Movement Base of their circumstances before the commencement of their first session.

Refunds are not payable under the following circumstances.

3.4c. Refunds are not payable for sessions that have already taken place.
3.4d. A participant does not complete their sessions within the expiry date of their agreed package.
3.4e. A session/s needs to be cancelled by The Movement Base due to external conditions (severe weather etc). An alternative session will be offered (subject to availability) and the expiry date of an individuals package with be extended accordingly.

3.5.No requests for refunds shall be considered until the end of a participants package, nor where sessions within a package have been missed or elements of said package have not been completed.
3.6.Requests for refunds must be made in writing to The Movement Base within 7 days of completion of a participants package.


The Movement Base reserves the right to change the form and nature of sessions without participants prior notice. It is however the aim of The Movement Base to constantly improve the service to its clients.


5.1.The Movement Base collects your personal information in the form of names, postal address, mobile phone etc which is voluntarily submitted by clients. This information is only used to fulfil clients specific requests unless permission to use it in another manor is given.
5.2. The Movement Base website uses cookie technology to gather information such as numbers of visitors to the site and understanding how visitors use the site. Personal information cannot be collected via cookies, however, if you have previously provided personable identifiable information, cookies may be tied to such information. Aggregated cookie information may be shared with third parties.
5.3.We may share information with government and fraud prevention companies. We may do so when (a) permitted or required to do so by law; or (b) trying to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud or unauthorised transactions; or (c) investigating fraud that has already taken place. This information is not used for marketing purposes.


6.1. The Movement Base respects participants privacy and insists that you respect the privacy of fellow participants. By purchasing a session/s or clicking if purchasing online, this document becomes valid and you agree not to violate the publicity, privacy, confidentiality, proprietary information and rights of any participant of The Movement Base.
6.2. Not to infringe any session/s of participants or The Movement Base copyright.
6.3. Any confidential information shared by participants in sessions or any representative of the company is confidential and proprietary, and belongs solely and exclusively to the participant who discloses it or The Movement Base.
6.4. All materials and information supplied to you by The Movement Base are its confidential, proprietary and intellectual property, belonging exclusively to The Movement Base and may not be used by you unless authorised by The Movement Base.
6.5. The reproduction, distribution and sale of these materials and information by anyone other than The Movement Base is strictly prohibited.

Further by purchasing a session/s or clicking if purchasing online, this document becomes valid and The Movement Base will be entitled to injunctive relief to prohibit any such violations and to protect against the harm of such violations.


The Movement Base is dedicated to providing it’s clients with the highest quality of service while keeping abreast and passing on relevant changes within the massage and pilates industry. It is also dedicated to promoting a thriving and interactive studio space where the sharing of ideas and knowledge between clients and instructors/therapists is encouraged for the benefit of all attending or working within The Movement Base. Both clients and instructors/therapists dedication, motivation and desire will effect the outcome of their results and we encourage everyone to do so with a respect for individuality and a passion to learn.

By making payment for any services offered at The Movement Base, you hereby agree that you have read and understood the participant agreement detailed above and would like to fully participate in a programme.

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