Sports/Remedial Massage

Sports/Remedial Massage Explained

Comes under the umbrella of Soft Tissue Therapy and envelopes a multitude of specialist techniques to manipulate the soft tissues within the body, this includes muscle, tendon, ligaments, and fascia. Through assessment, pain and dysfunction are treated to enable ease of movement, reduce pain and enhance well being.

Pain, dysfunction and tension can have many causes. Injury can occur through high level training but also in soft tissue that is not well equipped to deal with the stresses placed upon it. Tight or weak muscle and surrounding structures are vulnerable to stress and strain which can manifest into acute or chronic pain. Repetitive movements can also cause weakness and pain which could occur simply by constantly moving a computer mouse or lifting heavy weights constantly with poor technique. Past trauma’s both physical and emotional, if originally untreated can cause multi-layered dysfunction over time and lead to chronic pain.

A skilled therapist can palpate the tissues and feel restrictions, torsions and stagnant areas, and then work toward improving function not only to the symptomatic area but globally throughout the body releasing primary and secondary tensions.

Soft Tissue Therapy is fast becoming an essential part of the ‘wellness’ model, not only for skilled athletes but for people wanting to live a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, out of pain. We are now seeing more evidence based models which also confirm the relevance of this practice and realising that by prioritising and making some time for body maintenance can have a big impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

Sports/Remedial Massage Packs

  • You can book an individual appointment or a series
  • You are also able to combine Massage and Pilates

“Her massages are deep and certainly sort out my aches and pains. Not only does Sam work on the strained muscles but she comes up with very good advice on exercises to help. Over the years Sam has kept me upright and mobile” L.Pudney


We offer 30min and 45min sessions. 

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