Success Stories

Glenn is a great instructor, he is patient, caring and works with you to meet your goals. I have tried numerous gyms, fitness classes etc in the past and have always given up as I struggle with the coordination and details. I haven’t felt like this once with Glenn and really look forward to my sessions with him.
My Posture has improved, I can almost touch my toes, which is something I have never been able to do, not even as a child. I believe my general fitness is improving all the time.

Sharon Oram

I’ve been seeing Sam for over 4 years and her caring, calm and professional manner have never failed to impress me. As a dance teacher and active person she has treated a range of my muscular issues over the years, and has kept me on the move. This has enabled me to either reduce any pain, improve/restore range of movement and increase my general well being. Sam is excellent at listening to the complaint and working out what is going on and the cause and has superb palpation skills – she’s always right on the spot!

Paul Butler

…over a 6 week try out my back was much improved along with my flexibility.Consequently it was a no brainer to carry on with Pilates and keep strengthening my core, stretching everything and improving my posture. Sam likes to push me harder and the 1 on 1 sessions ensure I get her full attention – no hiding at the back! We always have a laugh though!

Ian Blackwell

I am a convert and Sam is the only therapist for me. We have been on a tough journey and I feel we’ve come out the other side.

Rachel Watson

I never realised how much pain & how restricted some of my movements were until I had several treatments. I have wasted so much money over the years, but now that has changed I’m glad to say.

Sue Fox

It’s been a really positive experience, I trust you to fix it when it hurts.

My headaches have reduced by at least 80%. When I think about it, It seems almost impossible and it wasn’t the main reason I came to you.

Donna Higby

Excellent service, friendly and welcoming. Accommodating and experienced.

Fuschia Burgess

Sam has made a massive difference to my life by improving the suppleness of my body.

Linda Millar

My back and neck are feeling great. I’d forgotten how it felt to be pain free! Sam is always highly professional and friendly, I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering discomfort.

Susan Kind

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